This page is published on the 17th day of May, 2014, by the present day United States, in Congress assembled, the third Continental Congress. 






• Documented American Nationals within The United States of America

The Government of The United States of America will maintain the records as a service to the American Nationals until the American Nationals of a particular State have their own Great Registry.



American Nationals

  1. Allen, Peter Evan

  2. Althouse, III, George Graham-ABANDONED STATUS

  3. Barber, Christopher Roland

  4. Beecroft, Jessene Roe

  5. Beller, Sean Will Gary

  6. Boyle, Owen Robert

  7. Brazelle, Stuart Everette

  8. Brouillard, James Michael

  9. Brouillard, Paul Michael

  10. Brown, Eric

  11. Calloway, Ora Lee

  12. Carney, Robert A

  13. Chung, Moon-Sun

  14. Cole, Barbara J Riley

  15. Cox, David Duane

  16. DeRusha, Glenn Joseph

  17. Desmet, Thomas

  18. Di Gennaro, Marlene

  19. Dumlao, Stephanie Eileen-Self Exiled

  20. Dunsmore, Thomas James

  21. Doherty, Christopher Michael

  22. Fathauer, Michael

  23. Fegely, Margaret Louise

  24. Fanelli, Sherry Gail

  25. Flack III, William Charels

  26. Flake, Jr., Timothy Lee

  27. Formanack, Bennett Charles

  28. Formanack, Michaelene Jo

  29. Foster, Wanda Gail-EXILED

  30. Gallan, Sandra Lynn-ABANDONED STATUS

  31. George III, Joseph Louis-ABANDONED STATUS

  32. Godoy, Arthur Alexander

  33. Godoy, Stephen Andrew

  34. Green, Cassandra Lynn

  35. Gregory, Kenneth Wade Dawson

  36. Guerrero Misko, Michaella Lyanne  Teresa Candelaria

  37. Gulotta, Daniel Lee

  38. Hamilton, Michael Randolph

  39. Harris, Thelma Louise – DECEASED

  40. Hartman Dazle, Junior, Samuel

  41. Henningsgaard, Alexander Wayne-Oberg

  42. Hibler, James Aric

  43. Hollis, Walter Lee

  44. Hoppes, Randy Charles

  45. Hord, Daniel Ray

  46. Howard, Troy Talmage- DECEASED

  47. Howard, Violet Latrice

  48. Howell, Robert Donel

  49. Hudson, Lenard

  50. Hunt, Karen Jean

  51. Jamieson, Erick William

  52. Jansen, Michael Roy

  53. Johnstone, Gregory Todd

  54. Johnstone, Kathleen Clara

  55. Kader, Donald

  56. Kubr, Ernest John

  57. Kynette, Leslie Todd

  58. Layton, Gregory Clay

  59. Lee, Thomas Stearns

  60. Lewis, Aaron McKinley

  61. Lewis, Mark Alan

  62. Mabardy, David Micheal

  63. Magee, Rance Wesley

  64. Marshall, Michael Paul

  65. Matkoskey, Darin Lee

  66. McCutchan, Wayne Doyle

  67. McDonald, Lorenzo Montre

  68. Mcelroy, Martin Luther

  69. McLeod, Jason Montgomery

  70. McNally, John Fritzgerald

  71. Messieurs, Jenior

  72. Meyer, Daniel Eugene

  73. Michaels Jr, James Thomas

  74. Milk II, Paul Emanuel

  75. Molina, Ramon Omar Antonio

  76. Moton Jr., Aubrey Lee

  77. O’Neill, James Kenneth

  78. Pedro, Michael Jesus

  79. Petersen Jr., Donald Craig

  80. Pierre, Judith Jean

  81. Prince, Eric Jay

  82. Profitt, Terrell Oswald Eric

  83. Prowell, Donna Lynn

  84. Reckner, Shannon Lynn

  85. Reinheimer, Henry James

  86. Reinheimer, Nicholas

  87. Reinheimer, Richard Rexford

  88. Reskie, Seth Linn

  89. Rieder, Brett Joseph

  90. Rodriguez, Axel Arnold Seda

  91. Ronaldson, Stuart Andrews-EXILED

  92. Sailor, Miciah Laud

  93. Sanchez, Frankie

  94. Sornson, George Bendt

  95. Stehling, Douglas Raymond

  96. Stone, Kerrie D’Ann

  97. Strohbeen, Guy Michael

  98. Strohbeen, Jacques Michael

  99. Sullivan, James Francis

  100. Taratuta, Sharyll Ann

  101. Taylor, Peggy Joan

  102. Tesch, Kenneth Allen

  103. Thomas, Eric

  104. Thomas, Robbi Louise

  105. Thomasson, Jeffrey Alan

  106. Thompson, Yolonda Denise

  107. Tweedy, Jack Richard

  108. VanDerryt, David Wayne

  109. Waldorf Tokarz, Beverly-ABANDONED STATUS

  110. White Jr, Alan Jon

  111. White, Michael Turner

  112. Williams, Asulu Fuga-ABANDONED STATUS

  113. Williams, Henry Lee-ABANDONED STATUS

  114. Williams, James Frank

  115. Williams, Terrance Lamonte

  116. Yarborough Jr, Marcus Lamont

  117. Zeinert, Jay Harold-ABANDONED STATUS

  118. Zicaro, Valerie

  119. NameSizeHits
    20120511-AFN-AMND-Liv1.3 MiB11
    20120511-AFN-AMND-Livingway-KE1.3 MiB112
    Alice Ceniceros-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.9 MiB109
    Alice-Ceniceros-Affir1.9 MiB14
    Carolyn Irene Rinkenberger-Affirmation Of National As Amended 05.19.20141.7 MiB80
    Carolyn-Irene-Rinkenb1.7 MiB15
    Cheryl Wiker-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB91
    Cheryl-Wiker-Affirmat1.3 MiB13
    Christopher Travis Milowski-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB76
    Christopher-Travis-Mi1.4 MiB11
    David-Brian-Smith-Aff537.3 KiB14
    David-Brian-Smith-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014537.3 KiB66
    Deborah Kathleen Davidson-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.2014(2)(2)1.8 MiB70
    Deborah-Kathleen-Davi1.8 MiB14
    Declaration And Affirmation Of National-Keith Edward Livingway1.3 MiB83
    Declaration-and-Affir1.3 MiB10
    Delant Cory Palmerton-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.6 MiB95
    Delant-Cory-Palmerton1.6 MiB14
    Denise-Moffett-Brown-437.6 KiB10
    Denise-Moffett-Brown-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014437.6 KiB69
    Derek William Davidson-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.2014(2)1.7 MiB76
    Derek-William-Davidso1.7 MiB11
    Felicia Ann Meyer-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05-19-20141.5 MiB64
    Felicia-Ann-Meyer-Aff1.5 MiB11
    H-Bradley-Joseph-Hugh469.7 KiB13
    H-Bradley-Joseph-Hughes-Sr-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014469.7 KiB61
    John Harold Fulks-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB108
    John Lee Norris-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB71
    John-Francis-Patrick-405.2 KiB11
    John-Francis-Patrick-OE28099Sullivan-II-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014405.2 KiB60
    John-Harold-Fulks-Aff1.3 MiB12
    John-Lee-Norris-Affir1.4 MiB14
    Juan Antonio Ceniceros-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20142.4 MiB74
    Juan-Antonio-Cenicero2.4 MiB11
    Juan-Manuel-Rueda-Aff496.1 KiB10
    Juan-Manuel-Rueda-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014496.1 KiB64
    Julie Tina Jackson-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB67
    Julie-Tina-Jackson-Af1.4 MiB10
    Kevin Lloyd Lakes-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB68
    Kevin-Lloyd-Lakes-Aff1.3 MiB12
    Kirk Edwin Jensen-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.5 MiB67
    Kirk-Douglas-Gibbs-Af548.6 KiB13
    Kirk-Douglas-Gibbs-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014548.6 KiB58
    Kirk-Edwin-Jensen-Aff1.5 MiB14
    Lanny Kay Talbot - Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB71
    Lanny-Kay-Talbot-Affi1.3 MiB10
    Leonard-Phillip-Lewis375.4 KiB12
    Leonard-Phillip-Lewis-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014375.4 KiB57
    Mark Eugene Moffett-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB65
    Mark-Eugene-Moffett-A1.3 MiB11
    Marshall Revellyn Rinkenberger-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.7 MiB69
    Marshall-Revellyn-Rin1.7 MiB12
    Moses Brian Moss-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB65
    Moses-Brian-Moss-Affi1.3 MiB9
    Raul Ramirez Fierro-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.8 MiB69
    Raul-Ramirez-Fierro-A1.8 MiB10
    Robert Thomas Macpherson Jr-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB64
    Robert-Thomas-Macpher1.4 MiB10
    Steven Michael Meyer-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB63
    Steven-Michael-Meyer-1.4 MiB10
    Susan Kay Hanzlik- Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.8 MiB63
    Susan-Kay-Hanzlik-Aff1.8 MiB9
    Thomas Frank Goudey-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.3 MiB89
    Thomas-Frank-Goudey-A1.3 MiB10
    Trent-Windsley-Sailor370.5 KiB9
    Trent-Windsley-Sailor-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014370.5 KiB99
    Trisha Gray Peel-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.6 MiB64
    Trisha-Gray-Peel-Affi1.6 MiB11
    Troy L Hill-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.20141.4 MiB76
    Troy-L-Hill-Affirmati1.4 MiB10
    William Ralph Davidson-Affirmation Of National-as Amended 05.19.2014(2)1.8 MiB75
    William-Joseph-Goulet436.1 KiB10
    William-Joseph-Goulette-Affirmation-Of-National-as-Amended-05.19.2014 Pdf436.1 KiB60
    William-Ralph-Davidso1.8 MiB10

State residents within The United States of America

The following State residents have declared State residency status within the Government of The United States of America which places the State resident in one of these United States in the original Union.

The Government of The United States of America will maintain the records as a service to the State residents until the American Nationals of a particular State have their own Great Registry.


State residents

  1. Ackerson, Darrell Dewayne

  2. Addis, Michael l

  3. Agosto, Ismall

  4. Akrabian, Marina

  5. Alessi, Diane Louise

  6. Allen, Lowell Terry

  7. Allen-Lutzke, Marcie Lynn

  8. Antell, Charles John

  9. Autrey, Carolyn Hinesley

  10. Avavold, Deirdre Elise

  11. Ayres, Ryan James

  12. Bagnall, Jason Freeman

  13. Bailey, Dennis Dale

  14. Bailey, Inkosaan Bernard

  15. Baker, David Michael

  16. Baker, Patric Xavier

  17. Baldwin Hayes fourth, James

  18. Bannon, Kristen Mae

  19. Barber II, Charlie John

  20. Barbour, Max Leo

  21. Barfoot, Jamie Lynne

  22. Barton, Mary Colleen Doris

  23. Bauer, Janine Marie

  24. Baumann, Karen Jo

  25. Benifield, Edward Walker

  26. Benitez, Michael Leroy

  27. Betances, Candace Brie

  28. Betts, Elishia

  29. Blackwell, Edward Scott

  30. Blake, Angela Ranett

  31. Blanc, Sheila Ann

  32. Blanchard, Susan Eileen

  33. Blevins, Ronald Wayne

  34. Bogany, Benjamin

  35. Boseman II, Dennis

  36. Brandt, Steven Michael

  37. Bridgman, Iva Sue

  38. Brooke, Kamille

  39. Brooks, Johnny Glenn

  40. Brown, Kevin Michael

  41. Brown, Merissa Renee

  42. Brown, Nathan Lorenzo

  43. Brown, Thomas E

  44. Brunson, Eddie LeAnthony

  45. Byers, Douglas Scott

  46. Byers, Kevin Le

  47. Calhoun, Wynette Carol

  48. Cannon, Brian Ray

  49. Cambridge, Steven Todd

  50. Camera, Anita

  51. Carpenter, Kelly Ann

  52. Cassel, James Martin

  53. Cerasale, Timothy Michael

  54. Chan, Kai Ming

  55. Chinea, Orlando

  56. Chung, Moon-sun

  57. Clarke, Alicea Nicola

  58. Clemens, Vernon Harry

  59. Coburn, Madeline M

  60. Cofske, Jessie Joseph

  61. Colahar, Ewen Puranda

  62. Cole, Kevin Laron

  63. Collier, Nicole Michell

  64. Conley Jr, William Ervin

  65. Conley, Mellani Hannah

  66. Connor, Joan Eileen

  67. Conover, Roberta Lee

  68. Coon, Paul David

  69. Courtade, James C.

  70. Crabtree, Charles James

  71. Crampton, Gerald Eugene

  72. Cucchiara, Nick Paul

  73. Currie, Nathan William

  74. Darter, Deborah Lynn

  75. Davee, Matt C

  76. Davis, Tashina

  77. Dials, Kwanda Monique

  78. Diehl, Mitchell Patrick

  79. DiPietro, Peter Damien

  80. Dix, Richard Clayton

  81. Donshu Francis, Darmaineya Darnorriest

  82. Dunsmore, Thomas James

  83. Durham, Anthony Marquiece

  84. Dutton, Laura Ruth

  85. Earmont, Lori Marie

  86. Edmiston, Gregory A

  87. Edmondson, Joel Kevin

  88. Edward, Chad

  89. Edwards, David Lynn

  90. Eichman, Ryne Kyser

  91. Elsenpeter, Michael James

  92. Faas, Leonard Anthony

  93. Fain, Mark William

  94. Fielding, Brinn A

  95. Flack 4th, William Charles

  96. Folber, Noah Revell

  97. Foster, Danny

  98. Foster, Wayd

  99. Franklin, Bobby Layne

  100. Fretz, Edward Ray

  101. Fuce II, Joseph

  102. Fuhrman, Daniel Jack

  103. Gadea, Frank

  104. Gadow, Eric

  105. Gaffey, William Odell

  106. Gallousis, Sarah Maria

  107. Gamage, Elwyn Harvey

  108. Gardinier, Joseph Michael

  109. George III, Robert Paul

  110. George, Dennis Alan

  111. Giroux, Michael Paul

  112. Goossen, Alex Andrew

  113. Goudey, Joshua Thomas

  114. Grande, Lesley Jo

  115. Grant, Germaine Jaamal Berry

  116. Gregory, Hanna Neva

  117. Grice, Joshua S

  118. Griffith, Derik Davis

  119. Griffith, Sarah Jane

  120. Guadagno, Attilio Cesare

  121. Gulotta, Mia c

  122. Gwaltney, Cheryl Kay

  123. Hall, Christopher John

  124. Hall, David

  125. Hall, Jason Westley

  126. Halliman, Jared Michael

  127. Hamilton, Cameron Eugene

  128. Harris, Derrance L

  129. Haskins, Trevis La’Var

  130. Hazzard, Brooke Anne

  131. Healan, Thomas William

  132. Hernandez Jr, Rodolfo

  133. Hernandez Jr, Sara E

  134. Herrera, David

  135. Hibler, Leni

  136. Hibler, Rainer

  137. Higgins, Thomas

  138. Hinesley, Autrey Carolyn

  139. Hixon, Aaron Mark

  140. Hnaey, Kevin Cook

  141. Hoffman Brickert, Derrick William

  142. Hohmann, Emil Conor

  143. Hollis, Walter Lee

  144. Hollister, Nicholas

  145. Holtham, Lisa Mary Margaret

  146. Hord, Daniel Ray

  147. Howe, Floyd Bradley

  148. Hudson, Audry Lane

  149. Hunt, Diana Lynn

  150. Isham, Steven Ray

  151. Ivy, Tamara Ann

  152. Jackson, Janice M.

  153. Jacobsen, Jeffery Charles

  154. James, Laura Deanna

  155. Jamieson, Erick William

  156. Jansen, Michael

  157. Jemison III, Louis Carl

  158. Johnson, Brittney

  159. Johnson, Dallas

  160. Johnson, David William

  161. Johnson, Desaree Shavon

  162. Johnson, Jermaine Leo

  163. Johnson, Karla M

  164. Johnston, Fawn Cheri

  165. Johnstone, Tristen Cole

  166. Jubb, Lyra Star Mist

  167. Karis, James Nicholas

  168. Karman, Jason Russell

  169. Kays, Norene Z

  170. Kelsay, Christopher Michael

  171. Kelton, Glenda Lee

  172. Kelton, Steven Dale

  173. Kennedy, Edward Thomas

  174. Killian, Kelly Denise

  175. Kirchoff, Timothy Jon

  176. Kitchen, Denise Elaine

  177. Kitchens, William

  178. Klippel, Cynthia

  179. Knox, Paul Alexander

  180. Koch, Rosemary

  181. Kolkowski, Robert James

  182. Kolkowski, Wendy Robin

  183. Koob, Kathy Jean

  184. Kraft, Brett Allen

  185. Kraus Glidewell, Karen Marie A

  186. Kroschewski, Jennifer Betina

  187. Kyser Eichman, Ryne

  188. La Verne Holt, Jeffrey

  189. Lane, Christopher Jonathan

  190. Lane, Phyllis Ann

  191. LaPorte, Juvi

  192. Lascsak, Graham Bradford

  193. Laws, Crystal Felita

  194. Lee, Hasani Earl

  195. Lee, Joy Darren

  196. Lewin, Justin Dilon

  197. Lindberg, Kenneth Richard

  198. Lindsey, Timothy Mack

  199. Lloyd, Christopher Morice

  200. Lloyd, Dale

  201. Lloyd, Ellis Dale

  202. Long, Jessica Dianne

  203. Lopez, Valerie Anne

  204. Lopez-Reyes, Iran

  205. Lowe, Madison Nicole

  206. Lym, Joung Yoon

  207. Mabee, Anthony Scott

  208. Macdonald, Allan Christopher

  209. Machul, Benjamin James

  210. Mackay, Donald Lawrence

  211. Mackay, Robert Lloyd

  212. Macon, Silas Hunter

  213. Magee, Raymond Wayne

  214. Magee, Rhen Wade

  215. Marshall, Devin Deontray

  216. Martin, Jason James

  217. Mathis, Adam

  218. Matkoskey, Darin Lee

  219. May, Cheryl Jeanne

  220. McCauley, Frederick Denton

  221. McGinley, Monica Patricia

  222. McKelry, Clarense C

  223. McPherson, Riley Allen

  224. Melicia, Susan Angela

  225. Meltzer, Lisa

  226. Menard, Rosa Ana

  227. Mendez, Cain

  228. Merchant, Glenn Allan

  229. Merrell, Kelly Slye

  230. Metz, Edward Tecumseh

  231. Meuse, Charles Edward

  232. Michaels Jr, James Thomas

  233. Milasinovich, Melanie Anna

  234. Miller, Steven Bryan

  235. Mitchell, Lisa G

  236. Mize, Michael Dewaine

  237. Mohla, Chontilla Lynn

  238. Moore, Heather Nicole

  239. Moore, Richard Allen

  240. Moorman, Valerie Ann

  241. Moser, James Robert

  242. Moyer, Donald Lee

  243. Moyer, Ronald Lynn

  244. Mullen, Tony Raynard

  245. Murray , Maxie Richard

  246. Myers, Jodie Ann

  247. Narducci, Salvatore

  248. Nellett, Victoria Desirae

  249. Newsome, Denise Leshell

  250. Newsome, Rajohn Laquan

  251. Nguyen, Khanh

  252. Nguyen, Su Thanh

  253. Nichols, David Henry

  254. Nielsen , Maurice Andrew

  255. Nielsen, Andrew

  256. Nooyen, Stanley Melvin

  257. Nuttle, Crystal

  258. Paclik, Charles

  259. Padilla, John Donald

  260. Pagan, Paul E

  261. Parker, Bryan Glenn

  262. Parks, Daniel Tyson

  263. Patereau, Contessa Celeste

  264. Patterson, Destany Doreen

  265. Paulk, Angela

  266. Paulk, Theodis

  267. Payne, Darrow Bernard

  268. Peraino, Anna Maria

  269. Peraino, Guy Anthony

  270. Perdue, Linda Lee

  271. Perez, Jason Smith

  272. Phillips, Alfred Bernard

  273. Pierce, Curtis Neal

  274. Pointer Jr., Kerry Laroy

  275. Pollard, Janice Elaine

  276. Polwell, Shawana L.

  277. Potterf, John William

  278. Prejean, Michael Chaderick

  279. Prevatt, Shannon Marie

  280. Putnamali, Martin Allen

  281. Quirolgico, Morris B.

  282. Rashaan Mechelle Elam

  283. Ratcliffe, Raquel Marie

  284. Rawson, Cheryl

  285. Reman, Ida

  286. Rendon, Jean Emanuel

  287. Rennells, Bruce Alan

  288. Rice, Myron Charles

  289. Richardson, Reginald Darius

  290. Riemer, Christine Marie

  291. Riemer, Corey Lee

  292. Riemer, Crystal Rose

  293. Ripple, Christopher Michael

  294. Risher, Adriana

  295. Rivera, Marmieyanti

  296. Romero Watson, David Jose

  297. Roulette, Karen Arvella

  298. Roundtree, Latasha Rena

  299. Rowe, John Edward

  300. Ruffin, Xavier Jodell

  301. Ruiz, Alfonso Noah

  302. Sailor, Laura Mae

  303. SanGrait, Mackenzey Lee

  304. Santiago, Jeanette

  305. Saravia Fuentes, Elvia Dolores

  306. Scarlott, April Charlene

  307. Schaefer III, Carl Clarence

  308. Schell, Clarence Edgar

  309. Schmaltz, Paul Edward

  310. Schmidter, Mark

  311. Schneider, Susan Angela

  312. Schrader, Edward James

  313. Scott, Ajack

  314. Scott, Mathew Thomas

  315. Serier, Robert Steven

  316. Serier, Saddie Sue

  317. Serier, Sophia Rose

  318. Sherwyn, Malinda S

  319. Shevis, Demond  Singleton

  320. Simmons, Gregory Scott

  321. Skeie, Jason Ivan

  322. Smith, Curtis Lee

  323. Smith, Darrell Andrea

  324. Smith, David Gerome

  325. Smith, Leanna Renee

  326. Smith, Lekeita Maria

  327. Smith, Patrick Michael

  328. Snyder, Darcie Dee

  329. Speiran, Aundrea M

  330. Stewart, Te’Arra Michelle

  331. Stoffels, Darrell Grant

  332. Stone, Kerrie D’Ann

  333. Strange, Phillip Todd

  334. Strohbeen, Jonathan Michael

  335. Strong Junior, James Leonard

  336. Strong, Fredric Wayne

  337. Sum, Sidney

  338. Swindle, Ryan L.T.

  339. Syphus, Bernadette

  340. Talbot, Lanny Steven

  341. Tamargo, Angelica

  342. Taylor, James Phillip

  343. Telford Jr, George Davis

  344. Thompson, Amy Lynn

  345. Thompson, Stephen James

  346. Thornton, Valerie Nichol

  347. Thorpe, Dekator Matthew

  348. Torres, Jorge Alfredo

  349. Totress, Felicia Yvonne

  350. Tran, Elizabeth

  351. Trangsrud, Chad Allen

  352. Trimble, Catera Brianna

  353. Trump, Jacqueline Michelle

  354. Tucker, Andriane Nadine

  355. Vandegrift, Maryann Hope

  356. Vea Martin, Anthony

  357. Villalobos Jr., Joseph

  358. Vincent, LaVita M

  359. Vincent, Philip Kent

  360. Vincent, Sherry Malinda

  361. Vo, Hongdao Thi

  362. von Bachmann, Wayne

  363. VonSpreck, Jay

  364. Waldorf, Christopher James

  365. Walker, David Wayne

  366. Wallace, Brian William

  367. Watson, Brandi Leneah

  368. Weitz, Victor Nelson

  369. Wekenman, Jacob Alan

  370. West, Daizhon Ontrayl

  371. White, Christopher James

  372. Wilczynski, John M

  373. Williams, Demecco Chandrel

  374. Williams, Derek Keith

  375. Williams, James Frank

  376. Williamson, April Denise

  377. Williamson, Joshua Wade

  378. Wood, Debra Kay

  379. Woods, Trenelle E

  380. Wrench, Tina Anne

  381. Wysotski, Andrew Arthur

  382. Yarborough, Marcus Lamont

  383. Yingling, Justin James

  384. Yody, Karl Nathan

  385. Zachary, Bradley Scott

  386. Zane, Palmerton Billy

  387. Zheng, Jing Jue

  388. Zheng, Wu Dao

  389. NameSizeHits
    Government Of The United States Of America-Alan Jon White215.6 KiB78
    Government Of The United States Of America-Allen Robert Johnson223.0 KiB62
    Government Of The United States Of America-Anthony Lewis Jerdine223.0 KiB62
    Government Of The United States Of America-Arthur Lee Grimes222.9 KiB64
    Government Of The United States Of America-Bradley Scott Kinney223.0 KiB59
    Government Of The United States Of America-Cameron Tyler Gibson186.3 KiB59
    Government Of The United States Of America-Carter Douglas Grant222.9 KiB66
    Government Of The United States Of America-Casey Fox Comendant223.0 KiB69
    Government Of The United States Of America-Christopher Steven Bennett223.0 KiB68
    Government Of The United States Of America-Daniel Scott Fischer310.7 KiB64
    Government Of The United States Of America-Dannie Eugene Barron227.7 KiB47
    Government Of The United States Of America-Danny Eugene Barron227.7 KiB61
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    Government Of The United States Of America-George Bendt Sornson214.6 KiB48
    Government Of The United States Of America-Georges Hefsen McNally227.3 KiB65
    Government Of The United States Of America-HECTOR SANTANA227.5 KiB53
    Government Of The United States Of America-Jack Richard Tweedy214.8 KiB64
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    Government Of The United States Of America-Jerry Dontay McGhee215.6 KiB61
    Government Of The United States Of America-John Mark Adams287.2 KiB47
    Government Of The United States Of America-Joseph Alan Roach227.6 KiB52
    Government Of The United States Of America-Joseph Fuce II213.9 KiB60
    Government Of The United States Of America-Joseph Michael Morehead222.4 KiB55
    Government Of The United States Of America-Kassandra Camacho223.0 KiB59
    Government of The United States of America-Katherine Marie Roach227.2 KiB47
    Government Of The United States Of America-Keon Micheal Williams223.0 KiB62
    Government Of The United States Of America-KERRIE D'ANN STONE213.9 KiB75
    Government Of The United States Of America-Kevin Rafael Zatizabal223.0 KiB51
    Government Of The United States Of America-Latika Zarina Joe213.7 KiB60
    Government Of The United States Of America-Leyah Kayel Yisrael223.0 KiB74
    Government Of The United States Of America-Mark Louis Sanders223.0 KiB55
    Government Of The United States Of America-Matthew Joseph Emerson214.8 KiB59
    Government Of The United States Of America-MICHAEL FRANCIS CARPENTER222.4 KiB53
    Government Of The United States Of America-Richard Roy Aquila301.1 KiB53
    Government Of The United States Of America-Robert Brice Alexander223.0 KiB66
    Government Of The United States Of America-Ronald Brian Gilbert223.0 KiB60
    Government Of The United States Of America-Scott Hunter Deitchman215.8 KiB65
    Government Of The United States Of America-Toni Annette Aquila223.0 KiB71
    Government Of The United States Of America-Valerie Lois Zicaro223.0 KiB60
    Government Of The United States Of America-Vivian Paul Hines Howe223.0 KiB51
    Government Of The United States Of America-William Emory Reffett223.0 KiB61
    Government Of The United States Of America-YOLONDA DENISE THOMPSON223.0 KiB58
    Government-of-The-United-State215.6 KiB14